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Hi, I'm Kristine Irish Uy, though most people call me Irish. If you're reading this, chances are I've applied to your company, which likely means you're either a recruiter or the hiring manager. Just a fun way to grab your attention!

I've been passionate about writing since I was 3 years old. As I matured, I devoted my formative years to our school's student newspaper as a writer. Once I turned 18, I ventured into freelance writing on Upwork. Through this platform, I collaborated with numerous companies across the US.

Today, with 8 years of writing under my belt, I specialize in internal communications, employer branding, and employee experience.

Writing and communication have always been my passion. I genuinely enjoy writing for people and recognize the critical role I play within an organization. After all, many romantic relationships falter due to miscommunication. Translate that into a business context, and it equates to potential financial loss resulting from miscommunications.

As you peruse my portfolio, you'll encounter some of the projects I've proudly completed in the past.

Here's hoping you're in a good mood as you read this. If not, please take a deep breath — everything will be okay. 🌟

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Because women can: Irish Uy on what it is like being a woman at the top of the corporate ladder.

by Amanda Arambulo, on March 8, 2024

Featured Writer

Many 25-year-olds are still exploring career options or looking forward to the weekend. Not this woman. She has crafted her own career in the tech industry, and currently sits as an executive of a multinational Tech SaaS company based in Singapore.

"It’s scary. I remember being looked at by all the board members with confusion because they probably expected a 40-ish guy would appear instead of a 23 year old woman in my first board meeting” Irish reflects.

“Attitude and mentality are what will set you apart from other employees. Others are people pleasers and would just say yes to whatever the leaders would say; however, I'm the opposite. I challenge ideas and decisions. That’s probably why many leaders in our company hates me .” Irish shared laughing

True enough, Irish’s colleagues commended her for being a strong voice in the company. She ensures that her voice is heard not only to challenge but to let people think the best ideas they can produce to solve problems.

It only took Irish 2 years to get a management seat after she graduated from college. She started as a manager at 21, senior manager at 22, Assistant Vice President at 23, and became an executive at 24.

“I never dream small kasi mahirap lang kami noon, I remember my mom told me her dream is for me to graduate in college but in my head I wanted to be top of my class. I think I still carried that attitude and mentality that I dream big no matter what and do something to make that dream a reality just like what I did in college” Irish shared

Rooted from her belief to never dream small Irish made a lot of decision for her career that made her who she is today. She ensured that opportunities would always come knocking at her door even when she doesn’t need it.

“In my career, I never thought about what people would think about me being female and young for the role; I just showed them what I am capable of and the value I can bring to the company. I am a woman who dream big and made it into a reality. No harm in dreaming big mahirap kami noon and I think when you’re poor you just want to do everything to get out of it. I’m lucky I did.”